From Integration to Nexus – Water Pioneering for Sustainable Development

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The Sustainable Development Goals reconcile at the conceptual level the key challenge of effective (fresh-) water governance and recognize that the provision of safe drinking water for all can only be achieved if natural water resources are managed sustainably. The implications of what might be referred to as the key task for the “water sector” extend beyond the provision of drinking water, as several other services such as food or energy provision rely heavily on water as well. It is quickly said – and it has been said often and loudly – that water as well as other natural resources underpin the accomplishment of basically every sustainable development goal. It remains a profound challenge, however, to translate this instrumental role of natural resources into policies that ensure their availability (quantity and quality) over the long term. Irrespective of their instrumental role, natural resources are on the “receiving end” of political and broader societal processes, which is why the step from a necessary integrated management of natural resources towards a Nexus perspective is so important. Nexus might be best described as a dialogue among “sectors” that seeks to understand and finally respond to their different demands for natural and other resources. A Nexus perspective will not only help to underline the necessity of adopting an integrative view of the SDGs so that “my” solution does not simply become “your” problem. It will also help us to use natural resources such as water and soil as promising entry points for the implementation of the SDGs as a joint 2030 Agenda.

Room: Topas 1

Welcome and Introduction
Sustainability – challenges and opportunities of an integrated agenda
The Nexus concept and the main thematic foci: water resources and supply, food, biodiversity and energy
Panel discussion with inputs from speakers and the audience
Coffee Break
Deepening the understanding of the role of natural resources for implementing the 2030 Agenda – Opportunities from a Nexus perspective, promising points of intervention and next steps
Presentation of central insights and plenary discussion
Wrap up and outlook

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