Günther Bachmann

General Secretary
German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE)

Günther Bachmann studied landscape planning and received his PhD from the Technical University Berlin. Starting as a researcher in environmental sciences at the Technical University Berlin and the Federal Environmental Agency he then held leading positions on soil regulation in the Agency. He was a Jean Monnet fellow at the European University Institute, and received a grant of the research grant of the German Marshall Fund of the US.

In 2001, the Federal Chancellery appointed him director of the German Council for Sustainable Development, a multi stakeholder body advising the Federal Government. Since 2007, he is the General Secretary of the Council. The University Lueneburg appointed Dr. Bachmann Honorary Professor, in February 2014.

Dr Bachmann is publishing papers on sustainable development issues, environmental and energy policies. He is co-chairing the European network of Councils for Sustainable Development within the EEAC, and he is also co-chairing the Sustainable Development Transition Forum hosted by the UN Office for Sustainable Development. He is chairing the German Sustainability Award’s jury since 2008, and is a trustee of the board of the Alliance Environment Foundation.