Klaus Milke

Chairman of the Board

Klaus Milke is Chairman of the Board of Germanwatch, a German development and environmental Non-Governmental Organization (www.germanwatch.org) and Chairman of the Foundation for Sustainability (www.stiftungzukunft.de). He is also chair of the integrity board of atmosfair, the climate friendly initiative for necessary flights (www.atmosfair.de)

He has graduated in economics, followed by studies of sociology and political science and is today consulting governments, the business sector and civil society groups on sustainability issues.

He was one of the initiators and co-founders of Germanwatch in 1991. The name “Germanwatch” has been chosen in order to remind the increased political responsibilities of the reunified Germany in a globalised world.

Today, Germanwatch has a leading role in the climate debate in Germany and is active in almost all climate topics, in lobby work, campaigning and awareness-building. Since the SDG-summit 2015 Germanwatch is very active in the direction of implementing the Agenda 2030 “in, with and from” Germany, very much aware, that it is now also a developing country as all other 195 states in the world.